Unique Vending Machines

Six unique food vending machines

“Imagine a vending machine… do you immediately think of an assortment of potato chips, chocolate bars and soda? Think again! As these examples show, the humble vending machine is undergoing an evolution!

“We are in an era of 'busy' where time is our biggest commodity and vending machines provide a 24-hour service”, stated Dr. Morgaine Gaye, Food Futurologist. “Coupled with the rapidity of technological developments – vending machines will come into a new phase.”

So what can we expect to buy from the future vending machines? According to Dr. Gaye, “Cars, fresh baked bread, growing vegetables... Everything!” IN found six examples of unique vending machines from around the world.”

1. Cupcake ATM, Sprinkles

Freshly baked cupcakes restocked day and night.

New York City

2. Chef in a box

Offering everyone’s favorite hot meals including chicken curry and spaghetti bolognese.


3. Farmer’s Fridge

Dispensing fresh and healthy salads at any time of the day.



Fast food restaurant machines dispensing typical Dutch hot snacks such as a “rundvlees kroket”, a breadcrumbed fried food roll containing a meat ragout.

The Netherlands

5. Cup Noodles

Hot, instant ramen noodles on-the-go for the discerning customer.


6. Live Crabs

Live hairy crabs with crab vinegar and ginger tea to satisfy a steady after-hours demand.