The Jerry Can's Flexible Alternative

New Flexible Packaging Technology

The original rigid-wall German “jerry can” holds 20 liters and was used throughout the 1940s by militaries to transport and store fuel and oil. Over the 80-plus years since, their use has become much more commercialized across the supply chain. About 50 billion of them are shipped empty around Europe every year.1 Once the product is used, the containers have to be transported back to a facility for refill, using space, fuel, time and resources.

Enter PacXpert™ Packaging Technology — a lightweight, flexible alternative to rigid containers that uses 10 times less space than a traditional “jerry can” when empty.2 The 20-liter PacXpert™ container weighs significantly less than the average jerry can, and the smaller sizes offer improvements over other hard-walled plastic and glass containers.

PacXpert™ containers offer an immense range of capabilities in terms of the products it can hold including numerous household, institutional and industrial applications like food, condiments, liquids and dry goods. This lightweight packaging design offers resealable closures and built-in ergonomic handles, enabling precision pouring, easy reclosing and convenient carrying.

Empty PacXpert™ packages can ship and store flat, increasing shipping and warehouse efficiency and possibly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. PacXpert™ functionality is even more impressive with see-through packaging allowing consumers to see the contents within or the opportunity to print on all four sides, ensuring strong brand visibility.

PacXpert™ is already being recognized as an innovative development in the packaging industry. It was awarded the 2013-2014 WorldStar Packaging Award from the World Packaging Organization as well as the 2013 ABRE Gold Award from the Brazilian Packaging Association.

®™ Trademark of the Dow Chemical Company
1 Euromonitor data
2 Data per Dow tests; additional information available upon request