Innovative Packaging: Five Products Improving Global Quality of Life

Packaging companies are turning innovative concepts into real packaging that can improve global quality of life. See advancements that are moving the needle forward.

The term “innovative packaging” conjures up images of sleek boxes for tech products, recyclable stand-up pouches for food and beverage, or uniquely designed packaging for improved shipping of potable milk or other heat-sensitive foods when refrigeration is not possible or commonly accessible.

But what isn’t making the headlines is a whole different type of quality packaging, stemming from entrepreneurial innovations, socially responsible solutions, industry advances, and brand new technologies. These concepts turn into ideas that improve the quality of life around the world. Product packaging design and development can make a positive impact on nearly every facet of life. Here are five packaging solutions on the market right now that can make the world a better place:

Solutions, Inc.’s Fritz™ Water Vest

The Fritz™ Water Vest is exactly what it sounds like — a vest that can be filled with water. It sounds simple enough, but its application is what makes it so special. Made of a multi-layer nylon structure laminated by a proprietary, quick-sealing manufacturing process, the vest provides a hygienic, ergonomic water vessel for people who must carry their drinking water long distances from the source to their homes. The vest is durable and contains mold and mildew inhibitors, providing people in developing countries with a safe, hygienic and reusable carrying pouch for up to 20 pounds of drinking water without the typical strain of carrying a vessel.

Farmacy Beauty’s Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

Quality of life isn’t all about sustainability, health and safety — creativity and customer care can also have a positive impact on people’s lives. An award-winning example of product packaging that gives customers a happiness boost is Farmacy Beauty’s Honey Potion package. The honeycomb-shaped jar comes in a box that unfolds like origami, showing a miniature journey through the brand story. The steel spatula that comes with the mask also stays handy by sticking to the jar’s magnetic lid – that kind of functionality and attention to detail lets brands pamper customers with a packaging design that is more than just a container.

Graham Packaging’s ThermaSet® Container

ThermaSet® is a blow-molded PET container for hot fill, pasteurized food that combines the shipping benefits of a shatter-resistant glass alternative with PET’s sustainability benefits. The innovative technology boosts PET’s thermal stability, sidewall rigidity and oxygen barrier, enabling converters to create convenient and recyclable hot-fill jars with lightweighting and reduced breakage to decrease production and logistics resources.

Pulmuone Company’s Water-Based Retortable Sauce Pack

The Pulmoune Company’s breakthrough water-based adhesive for retortable packaging is a mouthful to say, and just as impressive in performance. The water-based adhesive reduces the need for organic solvents and improving the material safety of retortable packages. Given the high temperatures required for retortable package manufacturing, using a water-based adhesive addresses consumer concerns about remnant solvent potentially leaching into food.

Palladio Group’s PhutureMed™ Packaging

Palladio Group and E Ink collaborated to create PhutureMed™, an advanced packaging design for pharmaceuticals that is helping to enhance patient health and safety. The packaging contains two advanced features, Memo Solution and Phill Solution, which create “smart” packaging that helps patients monitor their medication use and prescription status. Memo Solution uses sensors and an on-package display so people can monitor and register the time they take their medication. Phill Solution uses conductive inks for flexographic printing, allowing the box to share information with smart devices by sending a signal each time the seal is broken on a blister pack of pills. The combination gives patients – and caring family members – a new way to monitor medicine intake.

These five products are just a sample of innovative packaging that can have a positive impact on consumers, the value chain and the environment. Packaging remains part of our daily lives, for a lot of very good reasons. That’s why entrepreneurs, problem-solvers and forward-thinkers in the packaging industry continue to use the power of packaging to improve safety, sustainability and human progress.