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Great packaging shapes the world. It keeps food fresher longer. It captures your attention. It carries us forward. And it’s always evolving. With contributions from prominent packaging thought leaders, IN Perspective provides you with a unique view into the packaging industry. This is your place to learn about the people, trends and technologies that are shaping the packaging that’s shaping the world.

30th Packaging Innovation Awards Winners

Winners of the 30th Awards for Packaging Innovation Share Insights on Packaging Innovation and Trends


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30th Packaging Innovation Awards Winners

Winners of the 30th Awards for Packaging Innovation Share Insights on Packaging Innovation and Trends. Read Post

Infographic — Unpacking a Typical Day
As we go about our daily lives, packaging is hard at work protecting our food, medicine and goods. Read Post
Innovative Packaging: Five Products Improving Quality of Life
Packaging companies are turning innovative concepts into real packaging that can improve global quality of life. See advancements that are moving the needle forward. Read Post
Where to Find Packaging Innovations at the Grocery Store
Industry leaders highlight some of the current and upcoming innovations in food packaging, broken down by what’s on the shelves in a typical grocery store. Read Post
Custom Packaging Lessons from Small Businesses

Successful small business owners discuss successful packaging tactics to save money and protect specialty goods. Read Post

Vintage Packaging Designs

Vintage packaging is popular with brand owners, marketers and customers around the globe. Here’s a look at how the retro trend gives brands a nostalgic edge. Read Post

2018’s Top Sustainability Trends in Packaging

Five sustainability thought leaders share their perspectives on what trends will be most important in packaging in 2018. Read Post

The Explosive Growth of Subscription Boxes

An inside look at what makes subscription boxes so special for customers and what it takes to ensure that the boxes arrive on time and intact. Read Post

Welcome to the IN Perspective blog!

We’ve given IN Perspective a makeover! Our new blog is optimized to create a better experience for readers like you. Read Post

Back To Basics Labels

Health conscious consumers want products free of artificial ingredients and brand owners are simplifying their products to meet this growing demand. But communicating a products “all natural” composition remains a challenge.We spoke with Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of the Toronto-based design agency Shikatani Lacroix, to learn how a new labeling trend can simplify things for everyone. Read Post

Dark Colors And Humor Spur New Trends In Men’s Packaging

Men are moisturizing like never before. A cultural shift in male grooming is narrowing the divide between men’s and women’s personal care products. But the packaging for these two demographics couldn’t be more distinct from one another. Learn how thoughtful packaging design is making exfoliating a manly pursuit. Read Post

15 Minutes With ...The Global Packaging Picture

To get a better perspective on the current and future state of the packaging industry, IN spoke to five packaging experts from around the globe. In less than 15 minutes, each of our experts weigh in on the same themes – the state of the global packaging industry, future growth opportunities, and design trends in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the United States. Read Post