Silage Clamp Films

Silage clamp films help maintain the nutritional value of forage plants such as corn, vegetables, and grasses that continue to respire after cutting. Silage clamp films also exclude the air so lactic acid fermentation can take place, leaving a feed rich in vitamins and carotene. When silage film is used, the feed can keep its nutrients for several months, depending on the amount of air left (the less air, the better). Thus, feed is available for use during periods when forage is not available in sufficient quantities.

Silage Clamp Films Technical Properties and Benefits

clamp films
  • High speed processability
  • Excellence mechanical resistance (puncture, tear and impact) 
  • 20-30% of fresh high-performance resin is blended
  • Good abuse resistance
  • The superior mechanical properties of INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins allow for the reduction of material used compared to a standard resin