Films for Greenhouse & Tunnel Crop Protection

Greenhouse & Tunnel Films

A growing population and increasing consumer desire for year-round access to fresh products call for more efficient production and crop protection methods. Dow’s innovations in polyethylene technology for agricultural films improve crop yield, film durability and integrity while being resource efficient, all which can translate into a longer harvest period.

Low Tunnel
Low Tunneling
Greenhouse/Permanent structure
Walk-in Tunnel
Walk-in Tunnels
Direct cover tunnel
Tunnels/direct covers

Greenhouse and tunnel films also allow for a greater diversify of crop types. Without a doubt, agricultural films are an effective solution to protect crops from weather conditions and pests, reduce thermal shock between day and night and ensure effective watering.

Greenhouse and Tunnel Films Technical Properties and Benefits:

Greenhouses and tunnels are generally made at very high layflats, as high as 65 feet. As a result, bubble stability is very important during production. Polyethylene films for these applications must:

  • Resist exposure to UV
  • Resist fogging due to condensation of interior moisture
  • Resist environmental contaminants (acid rain, particulate)
  • Be tough enough to withstand abuse
  • Allow the transmission of light

Tunnel films, non permanent structures

Tunnel film non permanent
Non permanent structures
Tunnel film products
Tunnel films

Greenhouse PE films, permanent structures

Green house film
Permanent structures
Greenhouse products
Greenhouse PE films