Automotive Interior

Innovative Solutions for Interior Applications

Automotive interiors need to be durable as well as safe, comfortable and quiet – and they require materials that can contribute to the vehicle’s overall sustainability performance in an increasingly demanding marketplace.

We offer a variety of polyurethane foams, interior adhesives, composites for lightweighting, specialty elastomers and impact modifiers to meet the diverse range of performance, processing and economic requirements for various applications.

Automotive Foams for Enhanced Safety, Comfort and Sustainability

Our portfolio of polyurethane foams is geared toward improving vehicle safety, structural strength, acoustics and comfort. For applications throughout the interior and in various cavities, our foams can be used alone or together for a total solution. They offer improved look and feel for headrests and armrests, seat cushioning, consoles, steering wheels and more. Our foams are also ideal for managing noise, vibration and harshness and sealing the cabin against road and engine noise and dust.

Sustainable solutions, including systems that eliminate or reduce amine and VOC emissions, are available, and our technical experts can customize a formulation to meet your exact specifications.

Adhesives That Join Performance with Economic and Environmental Benefits

Our line of reactive hot-melt adhesives for interiors can bond a vast range of substrate combinations, improve joint performance and optimize processing. They are available as solvent- or water-based solutions, and provide cost-effective solutions for a range of applications including door panels, glove boxes, instrument panels, sun visors, seating, liftgate trim and more.

Composites for Lightweighting and More Efficient Processing

From design through production, the increased need for lighter-weight materials brings challenges to every step of the manufacturing process. Our high-performance composite resins and bonding systems help achieve significant weight reduction, enable parts integration and deliver efficiencies in materials and processing. They provide improved handling and rapid cycle times for compression molding of carbon-fiber or glass-fiber composite parts for structural applications that function well with traditional metal parts in a hybrid construction.

Driving Competitive Advantage with Impact Modifiers for Injection-Molding Compounds

Our versatile line of impact modifiers for engineering resins increase the ductility of injection-molding compounds for automotive and transportation component systems. Benefits range from improved impact resistance and enhanced heat stability to low-temperature toughness and reduced melt viscosities.

Automotive Elastomers for Interiors That Last

We offer an ever-expanding portfolio of specialty elastomer materials that deliver easier processing and paintability, improved aesthetics, enhanced durability and performance and weight reduction for hard and soft thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) applications, including instrument panel components, knee bolsters, rocker panels and more. Our polyolefin elastomers can also be used to modify other materials for improved impact resistance or low-temperature performance.