Automotive Sealing Systems

Under-the-Hood & Body Sealing Systems

High temperatures under the hood call for materials that can take the heat. Reliable belts and hoses begin with NORDEL™ EPDM materials from Dow. The very low gel levels inherent to NORDEL™ EPDM help improve product consistency and aesthetics. This can translate into less waste and more on-time deliveries for you.

Weather-stripping technologies provide protection against the elements and reduce noise inside the car. High performance body sealing systems made with patented NORDEL™ EPDM products insulate passenger compartments from noise, water and dirt. NORDEL™ EPDM products are innovative in design to improve productivity, and have a deserved reputation for high-quality, low-gel cleanliness and consistency.

Solutions made with NORDEL™ EPDM enable:

  • Exceptional uniformity and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Highly reproducible and predictable results
  • Low catalyst residues and impurities
  • Excellent polymer cleanliness for better part aesthetics
  • Opportunity to reduce processing time and expense while increasing throughput
  • Availability of semi-crystalline grades in granular form

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