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We’re making vehicles safer, lighter, more efficient and more durable.

Driving Innovative Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers

The automotive industry is defined by constant evolution. Finding ways to help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, while enabling improvements in safety and performance, are just some of the areas we address every day. As populations grow, and economies around the globe develop and improve their transportation infrastructure, our technologies help the world move forward with enhanced functionality, safety and sustainability.

A car going around a corner


Our impact modifiers for hard thermoplastic olefin (TPO) applications, including exterior body molded parts, can help you improve aesthetics, meet demands for weight reduction and deliver easier processing while enhancing performance.

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Car interior


We offer a variety of foams, adhesives, composites for lightweighting and specialty elastomers to meet a diverse range of performance, processing and economic requirements for interior applications.

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Sealing Systems

Our array of EPDM materials enables durable belts and hoses under the hood as well as high-performing weatherstripping and sealing systems that insulate passenger compartments from noise, water and dirt.

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