Transmission Cable Systems

Quality materials, strict handling guidelines, intelligent undergrounding – a great combination when you plug into Dow.

High and Extra High Voltage Cable Layers Illustration Power transmission utilities require years of reliable, consistent service for their customers. For both aging and new transmission infrastructure – including those that connect natural energy resources like wind, solar, hydro and geothermal to the grid – quality HVAC and HVDC cables are paramount to the reliability that utilities and their customers demand.

Along with advocating Intelligent Undergrounding, the concept for burying cable when and where it makes sense, Dow Electrical & Telecommunications also believes that quality cables can only be derived from quality materials.

We manufacture our product family of DOW ENDURANCE™ high-voltage and extra-high-voltage insulation, semi-conductive and jacketing compounds to the highest global performance standards – under the strictest quality control, handling, packaging and shipping guidelines that ensure the manufacture of quality cables by our cable maker customers around the world.

Learn more about DOW ENDURANCE™ insulation, jacketing and semi-conductive compounds. Quality materials make quality cables.