Architectural Coatings

Putting Coatings in a Whole New Category

The right binder or additive in architectural coatings can put your paint in a whole new category. Dow is the world’s leading supplier of architectural binders and additives and is helping formulators advance paint performance with new innovations that stand out the marketplace. Whether it’s better hiding, enhanced durability and stain resistance, a low-VOC option, or a reduced environmental impact, Dow brings its many years of experience and expertise to help customers attain the desired performance for their applications.

  • Interior and Exterior Wall
  • Trim coatings
  • Primers
  • Stains
  • Masonry coatings
  • Exterior Wood

Hiding Technology

The hallmark of a high-quality paint is its ability to hide. And few things impact hiding more than titanium dioxide (TiO2). In answer to market volatility surrounding TiO2, Dow responded with EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer, which can facilitate TiO2 savings of up to 20% while maintaining equal wet and dry hiding and tint strength, as well as ROPAQUE™ Opaque Polymer, an industry standard for replacing 20%–35% of TiO2 in paint. When used together, these technologies can further reduce TiO2 content while improving or maintaining hiding.

Today, TiO2 efficiency is just part of the story. A growing body of data also demonstrates that paints formulated with EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer Technology offer improvements in barrier properties, such as stain resistance and removal, corrosion resistance, nail head rust resistance, tannin stain blocking, and dirt-pickup resistance.

Improving Indoor Air Quality with Functional Coatings

As the building envelope tightens in the U.S., concerns over indoor air quality (IAQ) continue to grow. While restricting air exchange and heat transfer can increase energy efficiency, these efforts can also lead to increased volatiles trapped indoors.

Functional paints and coatings can play a key role in abating these volatiles, in particular formaldehyde, without having to sacrifice the benefits of energy efficiency.

Our experts discuss the history of IAQ, factors driving this phenomenon, targeting formaldehyde and experimental results of abatement technology in greater detail in a recent article in Coatings Tech Magazine.

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Intrinsic Versus Applied Hiding: A New Equation for Optimum Performance

The growing demand of improved hiding offered through minimal coats is a balancing act in the architectural coatings industry.

When it comes to smooth, consistent paint finishes with fewer coats, polymeric hiding materials unite with rheology modifiers to provide the balanced equation for optimum economic, environmental and performance value.

Our experts discuss this new equation in a two part article series in Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine.Part one focuses on optimizing applied hide theory and the impact of rheology on application. Part two puts the theory in action through reformulation experiments showcasing both economic and performance benefits.

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