The Art and Science of Additives for High-Performance Paint

Enhanced appearance, ease of application, low VOC - Dow’s extensive additives portfolio allows customers to get the properties they desire for a premium can of paint. From rheology modifiers and thickeners that control the flow and leveling of paint to dispersants that bring compatibility and stability, our technologies offer a full range of options for enhancing paint performance while keeping an eye on costs. Experts from Dow use high throughput capabilities to screen large numbers of materials quickly across a broad array of paint formulations. This allows us to better help our customers find the right solution for their specific formulation.

Additives Applications

  • Rheology Modifiers
  • Surfacants
  • Rheology Modifiers


High-efficiency, ultra-low-VOC-capable ACRYSOL™ Rheology Modifiers feature ACID SUPPRESSION™ Technology. This Dow innovation employs pH-triggered association and thickening to facilitate easy-pouring HEURs with no added solvent or surfactant. The trigger is “off” at low pH and “turns on” at paint pH. This facilitates low viscosity (< 2000 cP) in the as-supplied product and full thickening efficiency in the paint formulation. This combination of easy handling in manufacturing, high thickening efficiency in paints and reduced environmental impact provides benefits to our customers.

Next-Generation Rheology Modifier Technology

Developing high quality architectural paints that offer long-term performance, easy application and excellent hiding delivers value to both formulators and consumers.

Rheology plays a significant role in these key areas of performance where traditionally used thickeners offer conflicting results forcing both parties to sacrifice one or more performance benefit in return for another.

Next-generation hydrophobically modified ethylene oxide urethane (HEUR) rheology modifiers from Dow provide a unique balance of properties previously unseen in commercial offerings.

Our experts discuss this novel molecular architecture for breakthrough sag-flow balance, universal viscosity retention on tinting, and optimum applied hide in greater detail in a recent article in Coatings Tech Magazine.

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