Fluids Support


As a world leader in heat transfer fluids, we offer global supply and logistics capabilities that allow Dow to tailor delivery solutions to address your specific volume, location and timing needs. Each Dow fluid is backed by heat transfer experts capable of helping you meet your support requirements.

For assistance with your heat transfer project, complete and submit this form. Or call the Dow number for your region, listed here.

Dow Fluid Testing Services
Dow provides fluid analysis services for synthetic and glycol-based fluids, free to qualifying customers. A regular fluid analysis program is important to periodically assess fluid condition and help ensure that problems are avoided. The consistent formulation of Dow glycol-based fluids allows the fluids to be tested against precise values to ensure freeze and corrosion protection are maintained. Properly maintained Dow glycol fluids have lasted >20 years in some applications. Email dowcig@dow.com to learn more about Dow fluid testing services.