Synthetic Fluids


Offered for more than 80 years, Dow synthetic fluids include DOWTHERM™ synthetic organic fluids and SYLTHERM* silicone fluids. Each DOWTHERM fluid offers outstanding thermal stability for efficient heat transfer, extended fluid life, and optimum operating economics. All DOWTHERM fluids have vapor pressures lower than steam and three fluids are designed to be used in non-pressurized systems. SYLTHERM fluids are essentially odorless and low in acute oral toxicity. In the U.S. they are not listed as reportable under SARA Title III, Section 3131. They provide excellent heat transfer performance and can provide exceptionally long service.

To maximize service life, choose a synthetic organic offering sufficient thermal stability to accommodate maximum planned operating temperature and allow for unplanned excursions above that level. While the initial purchase cost of silicone fluids may be higher, in many cases the use of a silicone fluid can result in lower long-term expense because they degrade differently than other fluids and typically do not require complete change out. Calculate and compare properties based on your specific system conditions.

DOWTHERM Synthetic Fluids Chart