Chemical Processing

DOWTHERM™ Synthetic Organic Fluids and SYLTHERM™ Silicone Fluids are widely used in processing operations ranging from -100°C (-150°F) to 400°C (750°F). They may be used for indirect heating of process liquids and polymers, single-fluid batch processing, pipeline tracing, energy recovery, low pressure cogeneration, drying and heating of bulk materials, gas processing, ebullient cooling, and many others.

Process Heating and Cooling

Heat transfer systems are an integral part of many chemical production processes, including LAB (linear alkyl benzene), phthalic anhydride (PA), purified terphthalic acid (PTA), dimethyl terphthalate (DMT), olefins, alcohols, plasticizers and a variety of other petrochemicals. DOWTHERM Synthetic Organic and SYLTHERM Silicone Fluids are widely used in the chemical process industry because of their high temperature stability. Each chemical process has different operating parameters that will guide selection of the best heat transfer fluid. The family of DOWTHERM and SYLTHERM heat transfer fluids includes a broad range of products with recommended operating temperature ranges to address the requirements of nearly any chemical process. The stability of these fluids at high temperatures helps to provide high system performance. In water-based cooling circuits, DOWTHERM and DOWCAL™ Inhibited Glycol-based Fluids may be used to prevent freezing and/or depress cooling temperature, while helping protect against corrosion.

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Fine Chemical Batch Processing

SYLTHERM XLT Silicone Fluid has a broad operating temperature range of -100°C (-150°F) up to 260°C (500°F), making it especially well-suited for single-fluid process heating and cooling systems. Also useful is DOWTHERM J Synthetic Organic Fluid with a recommended liquid phase operating temperature range of -80°C (-110°F) up to 315°C (600°F). DOWTHERM, DOWFROST and DOWCAL Inhibited Glycol-based Fluids provide low temperature pumpability and freeze protection and high temperature operation which makes them useful in water-based single fluid process heating and cooling applications with more modest heating requirements.

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