EVOLV3D™ USM (Universal Support Material)

A Universal Support Material for all of your 3D Printing Imaginations

Compatible, Sustainable EVOLV3D™ USM
(Universal Support Material)

Imagine using only one support material for every type of filament you print with. Then imagine that material also being soluble in water, allowing it to be washed away easier and safer, without hazardous caustic baths.

You don't have to imagine any longer. EVOLV3D™ USM from Dow is here. No more having to stock multiple support materials or guessing about which material is right for your project.

Key Benefits

  • Universal – Works with a broad array of popular build materials
  • Cost-efficient – No need to stock multiple support materials
  • Easy to remove – Dissolves in tap water at room temperature
  • Safe to handle – No harsh chemicals needed for cleanup
  • Sustainable – Can be washed down the drain

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