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High Speed (4 Cycle) Reciprocating Engines

High speed engines contain replaceable cast iron cylinder liners. These liners can experience accelerated corrosion as a result of a process commonly referred to as liner cavitation or liner pitting. This occurs as a result of continuous growth and collapse of bubbles on the wet sleeve liner due to the piston motion within the cylinder. When the bubbles collapse, the large force generated by the collapse stresses the surface of the liner, causing small pits to be drilled into the surface. This can cause significant damage to the liner through repeated wear and stress, and repairs often require considerable downtime as the liner must be removed and the engine relined. If left too long, these pits will turn into holes causing a leak and the engine will shut down. Because of this erosion/corrosion phenomenon, high speed engines have specific needs when it comes to coolant selection.

Dow’s Norkool™ SLH coolant is specifically designed to address liner cavitation. By chemically forming a harder, less permeable surface on the liner, Norkool™ SLH can greatly reduce or eliminate liner cavitation. The types of engines where Norkool™ SLH is recommended include White Superior, Waukesha, Ingersoll, CAT, Wartsila and MEP Fairbanks Morris engines.

Slow Speed (2 Cycle) Reciprocating Engines

While natural gas transmission pipelines most commonly employ high speed engines today, many slow speed engines continue to remain in service. These engines include Cooper, Clark, Worthington, Dresser, and others. These engines are no longer in production but still make up a significant part of transmission horsepower across the United States. While no new installations are occurring, coolant selection continues to be relevant. Because slow speed engines typically do not experience liner cavitation, AMBITROL™ is recommended for use in these types of engines.

For stations utilizing both slow and high speed engines, maintaining and storing two different coolants can be difficult. Norkool SLH is recommended as the best coolant for both.

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Formulated Coolant solutions with patented anti-scaling technology combined with reliable additives help provide non-purified water tolerance that extend the service life of a system. Propylene glycol (PG) based NORKOOL™ coolants that are more environmentally friendly are also available. All Dow heat transfer fluids or coolants, are made using only new virgin glycols, made in our facilities, and are 99.99% pure. Recycled glycols are never used.

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