Running Tracks

Running Tracks

Championing Higher Performance

Winning performances require a combination of strength, flexibility and endurance. Flexible resins and binding technologies from Dow can help you formulate materials for running surfaces that change the game in terms of traction, aesthetics, durability, and more.

Versatile Resins to Enable Superior Surfaces

Our versatile portfolio of flexible resins enables differentiated products for superior rubberized surfaces that deliver:

  • Strength and toughness. High levels of flex-fatigue and weather resistance, along with excellent mechanical properties, enable exceptional durability at lighter weights.
  • Sustainability. Our safe, non-toxic polymers deliver a positive impact to your environmental scorecard.
  • Performance and value. Our range of olefin elastomers offers improved economics and overall performance solutions.
  • Aesthetics. With virtually odorless materials that exhibit a soft touch and high clarity and colorability, we can help tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

Binding Technologies for Next-Generation Tracks

Our innovative range of binding technologies for running tracks can help you provide athletes with the perfect balance of hardness and elasticity for next-generation surface performance.

From polyurethane-based technologies that extend your track’s lifespan, to aliphatic offerings that deliver better UV stability and improved color fastness, to waterborne acrylic binders that enable environmentally advanced alternatives without sacrificing performance or durability, we have the products and expertise to help you deliver a winning solution.