Artificial Turf Solutions

When you need to take your artificial turf playing field to the next level, we have advice and answers.

Artificial turf has evolved significantly to become the playing surface of choice for sports professionals. Whether used for soccer, American Football, rugby, hockey or golf, artificial turf has risen to an entirely new level of play thanks to advances in technology which have revolutionized the quality of artificial turfs.

With its complementary and closely integrated portfolio of materials and technologies, Dow has emerged as a key player. Today, the company is a leading supplier of chemicals and plastics for artificial turf components. Dow’s specialized turf team will advise and support you in creating tailor-made solutions for long-lasting and high performance artificial turf systems, offering compatible combinations of raw materials for yarn, infill, backing and shock absorption, whether you require playing surfaces for football, golf, rugby, hockey, a multi-purpose school sports field or a town recreation ground.

In a market where players are dictating the characteristics they want from their playing surface, artificial turf is proving its value to the sports industry like never before.

As a leading global polymer producer, Dow supplies customers around the world with consistent, high-quality raw materials. Dow’s distinguished range of performance resins form the base of its artificial turf offering; they help create surfaces which allow players and athletes to excel, offer excellent protection from motion-related injuries and demonstrate great durability and resilience. These characteristics have placed them at the center of some of the most effective systems on the market today and that have truly provided excellent performance. Rather than simply develop individual components, Dow has created a broad portfolio of materials which together form the basis for a variety of high performance systems.

Our range, carefully calibrated to work together, includes materials for: