Elvaloy® KEE PVC Roofing Membrane Plasticize

Roofing Systems Made with Elvaloy® KEE is Cool in White ... and Green

Dow Elvaloy® KEE is a key component in modern, high-performance single-ply roofing systems

Elvaloy® KEE for PVC Roofing

Dow Elvaloy® KEE offers excellent chemical resistance and permanent flexibility for thermoplastic PVC roofing systems.

When compounded into white or light-colored roofing membranes, Elvaloy® KEE helps reduce urban "heat island" effects while providing extended service life in harsh climates. Elvaloy® is a solids-phase PVC plasticizer, so it can't migrate out. This prevents the membrane from getting too brittle for rooftop foot traffic associated with HVAC equipment maintenance or "green roof" plantings.

This unique PVC roofing membrane plasticizer from Dow is typically used in low-slope, single-ply commercial roofing membrane systems from leading manufacturers. The Dow polymer helps keep the membrane easy to maintain. During initial installation or decades later during cut-ins or repairs, roofing professionals simply heat-weld the seams for durable weather-tight protection.

Because Dow Elvaloy® KEE is such a high-molecular-weight PVC roofing plasticizer, its flexibility is "locked in," delivering outstanding membrane resistance to chemicals and pollutants.