Roofing Sheets

Solutions for Clear Weatherable and Free-Foam Sheet Applications

We offer plastic additives to help you formulate sheeting for roofing, trim and other applications that enhances your products’ energy efficiency, moisture resistance and construction performance – while meeting local and global regulations and quality standards.

Acrylic Impact Modifiers for Clarity, Strength and Weatherability

For applications such as clear roofing sheet, our acrylic impact modifiers for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) formulations can help you achieve high levels of light transmission and impact resistance, along with the weatherability performance typically not achieved with methacrylate butadiene styrene (MBS) impact modifiers.

Foam Cell Promoters for High-Quality Free-Foam Sheet

In many non-load bearing building applications, free-foam PVC sheet or trim board that does not rot, warp or incur insect damage has replaced conventional wood solutions. Our foam cell promoters enable you to easily and efficiently produce high-quality free-foam sheet that delivers easy care and maintenance for building owners.