Elastomeric Coatings Waterproofing Membranes

Emulsion Polymers and additives for energy-efficient roofing and waterproofing of roofs

Formulating Durable Elastomeric Roof Coatings & Membranes

With more than 30 years of providing experience in acrylic emulsion polymers and formulation know-how, Dow’s expertise can help you advance liquid applied roof coatings. Dow provides a tailored portfolio of binders developed for various environmental conditions and performance requirements, including products for energy-saving Cool Reflective Roof Coatings.

Advanced coating technology for energy-efficient cool roofs

Cool Reflective Roof Coatings (CRRCs) are designed to decrease the amount of heat which can penetrate into buildings, reducing ambient air temperatures and therefore the need for air conditioning – which can in turn reduce the cost of cooling a building by as much as 20%.

Dow offers RHOPLEX™ EC-2885 latex as a high performing, high tensile strength polymer that, when formulated into a quality elastomeric roof coating formulation, delivers improved toughness, hail resistance and roof traffic protection while maintaining excellent elastomeric properties.

Enhancing key binders and additives performance characteristics of Cool Reflective Roof Coatings

Dow supplies a variety of roof coating binders, which were specifically designed to respond to critical performance requirements of a long-lasting roof coating: high elasticity, reliable adhesion, UV resistance, temperature flexibility and crack resistance as well as good resistance to transmission of ponded water and to dirt pick-up for long term solar reflectivity.

Awarded technology in the Middle East region

Dow’s engagement in creating awareness for energy efficient cool roof technology in the Middle East has recently been recognized with prestigious ‘Construction Innovation Award 2017’ and ‘Big Projects Awards 2017’.

Tailored PRIMAL™ EC 4642 Acrylic Emulsion Polymer is Dow’s latest binder development answering the requirements for cool roofing technology that performs reliably in such environments by delivering long-term protection against environmental degradation.

Future-oriented solution for roof waterproofing membranes - PRIMAL EC-5210 PU Acrylic Polyurethane Dispersion

With its decades of global roofing application experience, Dow Construction Chemicals experts recently developed PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU Acrylic Polyurethane Dispersion, a new high-performance binder that answers the trends in the roofing industry. As a key performance ingredient it allows to formulate liquid applied waterproofing membranes for roofing application that offer both, cost efficiency as well as high performance whilst also imparting a good environmental profile.

The new binder tailored for durable roof waterproofing membranes is based on aliphatic polyurethane and pure acrylic technology.

When properly formulated and applied, waterproofing membranes based on PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU Acrylic Polyurethane Dispersion can offer

  • Cost Efficiency - Liquid cold applied on aged membranes to renovate and extend useful lifetime of the roof
  • Improved environmental and sustainability profile - PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU is manufactured without added solvent (no solvent intentionally added)
  • Durability - meeting ETAG 005 durability tests (W2, P3, TH4, TL3, moderate and severe climates, all slopes >5deg)
  • Versatility and ease of application

A liquid applied roof waterproofing membrane based on a formulation developed by Dow Construction Chemicals has recently achieved ETAG (European Technical Approval Guideline) certification confirming long-lasting performance. Read more.

CENTURION™ Acrylic Binder for Roof Coatings is an innovative solution using proprietary cross-linking technology to vastly improve performance under ponded water. CENTURION exhibits best-in-class water swell performance for an acrylic coating along with reduced property drift after being exposed to water, and can expand the number and types of roofs suitable for an acrylic coating. CENTURION-based coatings do not require zinc oxide and enable formulators to retain their current manufacturing processes.

Continuing Dow's track record of acrylic roof coating innovation, CENTURION retains all of the handling, storage and clean up benefits of Dow's traditional acrylic products. CENTURION, like all of Dow's products, comes with award-winning technical support and expertise – allowing you to partner with Dow to deliver the next generation of innovative building products.