The overall performance of your building’s envelope depends on your roof, and you can depend on our innovative roofing solutions to ensure a long-lasting, energy-efficient and sustainable roof.

From insulation for long-term thermal performance to adhesives that reduce thermal bridging and improve energy efficiency, to waterproofing materials that deliver superior moisture resistance, we bring proven solutions for nearly any roofing system:

  • Inverted. High-performance insulation that enables the long-term cost savings, sustainability benefits and increased resilience of this roof assembly pioneered by Dow in the 1960s.
  • Conventional. Specially designed adhesives that eliminate the need for metal fasteners, insulation that delivers superior energy efficiency and sloping solutions that improve water drainage for flat roofs.
  • Tile and clay. Low-cost, single-component polyurethane foam adhesives that eliminate the inefficiencies associated with mortar, screws, wire ties and two-component foam systems.

Waterproofing formulations based on our versatile range of plastomers and elastomers offer further advantages, including better flexibility, improved welding and enhanced fire performance. Our technical experts have decades of experience working collaboratively to develop individual trend-setting systems.

When it comes to lowering long-term costs, increasing building longevity and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future, our roofing solutions have you covered.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings & Roof Waterproofing Membranes

Our portfolio of binders – including products for energy-saving cool reflective roof coatings (CRRCs) – enhances performance in coating and waterproofing applications across a wide range of environmental conditions.

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Modification for PVC Roofing Membranes

Our polymeric plasticizers for single-ply roofing membranes enable permanent flexibility and greater durability across a range of harsh conditions, from sun and hail, to spilled or airborne chemicals, to increased foot traffic from “green roof” gardeners or “cool roof” cleaners.

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Roofing Sheets

We offer a range of additives for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that can help you develop rugged, easy-to-install membranes that fight weathering and are chemical-resistant.

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Roofing Systems

We offer a range of membranes, edge metal systems, insulation, fasteners and accessories, and metal retrofit and vented roof systems for a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

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Roof Tiles

We offer high-performance adhesives for a variety of concrete and clay roof tile applications, including low/flat, medium, high and two-piece barrel profiles, as well as ridge, rake, valley and hip installations.

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