Asphalt Modification with Elvaloy® RET


Dow’s Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier creates a permanently improved bitumen-based binder that delivers long-last performance in well-engineered pavements. Pavement reinforced with Elvaloy® RET can take higher loads longer, sustaining smoothness and roadway safety. Proven by government testing and road performance data as a superior performing modifier, Elvaloy® RET can help make pavement last longer – in hotter climates, colder ones, or both. It can also be compacted faster than other asphalt modifiers, allowing contractors to pave faster and more easily.

Benefits of Using Dow™ Elvaloy® RET for Asphalt Modification

  • Handles over 2X the traffic load of other elastomers for the same stiffness
  • Uses 10% less energy in processing and storing compared to other elastomers
  • Adding 1% of Elvaloy® extends durability by at least 30%