Road & Pavement Solutions

Advanced Paving Solutions for Better Roads

Better roads start with innovative formulations developed to achieve longevity, durability and resistance to UV radiation, temperature extremes and inclement weather. At Dow, we combine deep application insight, materials science and formulation expertise to develop asphalt, marking, repair and waterproofing pavement solutions.

Asphalt Modification

Our reactive elastomeric terpolymers offer a number of benefits including improved high-temperature performance and cold-cracking resistance in modified asphalt applications across a range of base materials and climate conditions.

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We offer waterborne binders and thermoplastic paints to help you formulate pavement markings that meet the toughest requirements – while reducing emissions and improving your carbon footprint.

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Our polymer concrete solutions for applications including pothole filling, spalling and bridge expansion deliver a wide range of improved performance and sustainable, value-added benefits.

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Waterproofing & Antislip

Our polyurethane-based, liquid-spray-applied waterproofing and anti-slip surfacing system delivers an instant-setting membrane with excellent adhesion, unmatched thickness, high tensile strength and more.

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