Gypsum Mortars & Finishing Compounds

Acrylic emulsion polymers, cellulosics and redispersible latex powder for tape joint compounds, spray- or hand applied mortar

Efficiency for gypsum applicators

Tape joint compounds and gypsum based building products need to give internal walls the 'final touch'. Applicators also ask for material that offers ease of workability and increased efficiency so that they can complete their work on job sites on time.

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A smoother approach to gypsum based building products

Specially designed WALOCEL™ Xtra Cellulose Ether products and DOW™ Latex Powder (DLP – Redispersible Latex Powder) play an essential role in the production of highly efficient gypsum based building products as they enhance important performance features.

Based on a unique technology that allows for control of particle morphology, WALOCEL™ Xtra Cellulose Ether products provide manufacturers of gypsum products with a powerful solution that delivers an ideal balance of water retention – even at high temperatures – while taking efficiency and workability to a new level.

A key feature of Dow’s ‘Xtra’ portfolio is the ability to offer robustness with regard to lump formation, despite variances in gypsum raw material quality. Tailored products were designed for hand-applied or spray plasters as well as for smoothing mortars, skim coats and gypsum based joint fillers.

DOW Latex Powders (DLP) are used contributing to a good abrasion resistance and surface appearance.

TAPE-X™ Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion for Tape Joint Compound

High-efficiency binder promoting increased tape bond adhesion.

Dow offers cellulose ethers, emulsion polymers and redispersible latex powders for tape joint compounds, providing customers with an array of options for varying viscosity, crack and sag resistance, and improved rheology and workability for hand tool and machine tool applications.

Optimize your ready-to-use tape joint compound formula with TAPE-X vinyl acrylic copolymer emulsion from Dow. Designed for use in both light and regular weight formulas, TAPE-X allows formulators to reduce binder dosages without sacrificing performance. In fact, tape joint compounds formulated with TAPE-X exhibit increased bond adhesion even with the binder dose reduced by as much as 20%.

TAPE-X requires no special manufacturing processes and can be easily added to existing formulations. Designated APEO-free, TAPE-X is fully compatible with Dow’s WALOCEL™ and METHOCEL™ line of thickeners. Use less and spend less with Dow’s TAPE-X vinyl acrylic copolymer.

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