EIFS / ETICS & Renders

Acrylic emulsion polymers, cellulosics, silicones, redispersible latex powder for dispersion based and cementitious systems

Innovation Potential – Four Key Chemistries

Let’s collaborate to create durable facades for long-lasting aesthetics with high-performance construction chemicals. With four key chemistries in-house, Dow provides manufacturers of EIFS / ETICS and renders products a versatile offering for advancing dispersion based as well as cementitious systems.

Enhancing longevity and aesthetics of energy-efficient façade systems

Dow offers acrylic emulsion polymers, redispersible latex powders, cellulose ether and silicone based chemistry for formulating adhesive, basecoat and topcoat components of energy-efficient exterior insulation and finish systems EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system) or ETICS (external thermal component systems).

They are all designed to deliver durable performance and key properties to the individual mortar layers and coats - a perquisite for a longlasting system.

The extensive product portfolio helps to enhance critical features of these systems, such as UV resistance and color retention, or deliver reliable protection from water intrusion and mechanical impact.

Additionally, Dow chemistries contribute to features such as solid adhesion to a variety of substrates, early water resistance and ease of application.

Boosting the performance and efficiency of renders

If you are a manufacturer of interior or exterior renders products, you’ll know that improving performance and on-site workability of your products can help end-users drive down application time and minimize issues such as cracking. Increasing pressure for contractors to deliver fast yet high-quality results against ever tighter time and cost margins represents an opportunity for enchanced materials.

Especially when used for formulating renders for facades, another critical criteria is the resistance to influences of exterior wheathering. Dow products contribute to both – providing enhanced efficieny as well as durable performance.

Dow offers a range of highly effective additives for cement based or dispersion based renders. The portfolio includes cellulose ethers, redispersible latex powders, acrylic emulsion polymers and silicone based products.

Primers are used to prepare surfaces for subsequent layers or coats. They penetrate into the substrate and can act as adhesion promoters, help to fix chalky, crumbly substrates or seal surfaces.

Dow offers a suite of products for formulating primers aimed at different application requirements such as the promotion of penetration and adhesion or resistance to efflorescence.

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WALOCEL™ MKW for cement render – driving efficiency, supporting cost-effectiveness

Adding high performance cellulose ethers to your formulations can help enhance the effectiveness of your products, offering your customers the performance and efficiency they need, day-in, day-out. WALOCEL™ MKW Cellulose Ethers have been developed specifically to offer you targeted support in the four key areas vital to an effective, high performance cement-based render:

  • Air void stability, meaning mortar maintains its density and consistency during application.
  • Good workability so that mortar can spread and level easily without sticking to tools.
  • Temperature tolerance in order that mortar can retain water and not dry out before it has properly cured.
  • Minimal retardation to reduce curing times and support efficiency on site.