Siding and Trim

Improved Performance and Durability for Siding and Fiber Cement Tiles

Vinyl siding comprises the largest segment of the siding market, in large part due to consumer preference for its low maintenance. Our acrylic additives enabled production of the first tough vinyl siding products, and today our range of impact modifiers, process aids and cap stock compounds offers even more benefits for your vinyl siding weatherability, aesthetic and performance requirements.

For fiber cement applications, we also offer acrylic emulsion binders and additives for corrugated sheets, roof slates and facade panels, and silicone hydrophobers for coated and uncoated substrates. Our binders and additives are tailored to promote adhesion to metal surfaces and exhibit excellent gloss potential, block resistance, durability, flexibility and water whitening resistance, while our hydrophobers help deliver reliable, long-lasting water repellency.

Whatever your siding or fiber cement application, our technical experts can help you formulate the right solution.