Exceptional Performance for Any Application

Whether your needs include sealants that offer fast cure, excellent flexibility, superior bond strength, outstanding elastic recovery or low shrinkage, our versatile range of cellulose ethers, acrylic polymer emulsions and polyurethanes can help you formulate a sustainable product to meet even the most challenging requirements.

Our materials are backed by decades of experience in sealant chemistry as well as outstanding technical and application assistance. Rely on us for:

  • Cellulose ethers that deliver improved aesthetics and weatherability
  • Acrylic polymer emulsions for all-purpose and pigmented caulks and sealants with reduced dirt pickup, mildew growth and paint discoloration
  • Polyurethanes ideal for demanding industrial, construction and transportation applications.

Whatever your requirements, we have the products and expertise to help you balance performance, economics and environmental impact for a superior solution that differentiates you in the marketplace.


RHOPLEX 4400 emulsion is a 100% acrylic latex binder designed to provide wide formulation latitude for pigmented caulks and sealants. This high solids, low Tg emulsion can be formulated without plasticizer to meet ASTM performance requirements. Sealants formulated with RHOPLEX 4400 provide reduced dirt pick-up, mildew growth and paint discoloration, as well as excellent weatherability.

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