Pipes & Fittings

Advanced Solutions for Pipes and Fittings

Exposure to the elements is the enemy of all pipe applications, whether municipal, commercial or residential. Corrosive soils and other environmental factors lead to degraded performance, cracks and leaks in pipes made from traditional materials such as carbon steel, ductile iron, concrete and clay.

Polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe and irrigation solutions from Dow offer opportunities for advantaged long-term performance, efficient processing and installation and – in many cases – reduced overall costs. Whatever your application, we work closely with you to develop answers specific to your needs.

Industry-Leading Portfolio of PE Resins

Our industry-leading family of innovative PE resins delivers a range of benefits for your pipe or irrigation applications:

  • Toughness and durability. Resists a range of harsh materials and environmental factors, from abrasive slurries to aggressive soil fungi, that can lead to corrosion, slow crack growth (SCG) and rapid crack propagation (RCP), extending the life of your pipeline system.
  • Virtually leak-free. Does not require fittings or gaskets, which may corrode or leak over time.
  • Lightweight flexibility. Ease of handling improves transportation efficiency and lowers costs.
  • Excellent hydraulic properties. Less drag and turbulence at high flow rates, plus excellent resistance to scaling.
  • Low thermal conductivity. Greatly reduced need for insulation, allowing for more consistent performance.
  • High performance across a range of temperatures. Maintains performance and crack resistance across a wide temperature range.

Formulated PVC Additives for Ductility and Heat Stability

Because PVC pipes do not corrode, they are an excellent choice to replace leaking water mains and sewer lines, among other applications. Boost your performance even more with our range of specially formulated impact modifiers and process aids for PVC pipes, which deliver end-use ductility and process stability, enabling low-cost solutions for a variety of plumbing applications in residential and commercial construction.