Building Insulation

Building in Energy Efficiency

The changing needs of the building industry are driving demand for construction materials that contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings, help reduce their carbon footprints, and meet more stringent fire performance regulations. VORACOR™ polyurethane systems for insulated panels and boards bring excellent performance and light weight properties that can meet the most demanding industry requirements, improve longevity and increase energy efficiency.

High-Performance VORASURF™ 504 Surfactant Boosts Foam Insulation System Efficiency

VORASURF™ 504 Surfactant is a highly efficient, non-silicone organic surfactant that enables enhanced energy efficiency in polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation systems. Typical applications for the product include foam core laminate, pour-in-place insulation and spray insulation polyol blends. Compatible with polyester and polyether polyol formulations, VORASURF 504 Surfactant makes the mixing of polyols and blowing agents easy, maintains the blowing agents in the emulsion or solution and renders excellent emulsion stability. Formulated and processed properly, systems with VORASURF 504 can achieve higher foam yield and higher compressive strength than with other types of surfactants..