Industrial Mats

Emulsion polymers utilized as binders & coatings for various mats

Environmentally Advanced Binders and coatings for High-performance Industrial Mats

Dow's reputation for innovative technical excellence in the industrial mats field was established in the early 1970s when it introduced the first two acrylic-based binders for a variety of industrial mat applications. Today, Dow continues to lead the way in the development of environmentally advanced waterborne acrylic binders and coatings that meet the needs of the rapidly evolving industrial mat industry.

RHOPLEX™ GL-618 is an all-acrylic polymer emulsion specifically designed for bonding wet laid glass and/or polyester fiber mats that can be used in roofing products such as built-up roofing (BUR), asphalt shingles and facer mats. This firm, hydrophobic binder is also suggested for other industrial nonwovens such as filters, facer sheets, resilient flooring substrates and geotextile applications. A combination of excellent hot tensile strength, low foaming properties and mechanical strength makes RHOPLEX™ GL-618 a good choice for use as a sole binder or a co-binder with urea formaldehyde (UF) resins for these applications.

Leading the Way in Environmentally Advanced Binders and Coatings for High-Performance Industrial Mats

We offer an extended product line of coatings polymers engineered for specialty mat applications. Uniquely designed polymers that deliver the properties you want for the multiple markets you serve. Whether you are concerned about VOC levels and paintability for an interior application, or hydrophobicity and vapor permeability for an exterior one, Dow can help you choose – or design – the product that is right for you.

AQUASET™ technology manufactured without added formaldehyde or formaldehyde generators (no formaldehyde or formaldehyde generators intentionally added) continues to find new applications in a variety of industrial mat and insulation applications where a favorable environmental profile is desired. AQUASET technology is an excellent alternative for customers looking for ways to reduce plant emissions or to develop low-VOC emitting products. In particular, materials that go into interior applications, where indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important selection criterion, can benefit from being formulated with AQUASET binders.

AQUASET™ 100 is an acrylic solution polymer that is manufactured without added formaldehyde or formaldehyde generators (no formaldehyde or formaldehyde generators intentionally added). The product was designed as a replacement for aminoplast resins such as melamine, phenol and urea formaldehyde. This thermosetting polymer is suggested for use as a binder for specialty insulation and industrial nonwovens such as fiberglass webs used in roofing, flooring, insulation and HVAC filters.