Concrete Solutions

Silicones, acrylic emulsion polymers and precursor polyacids

Building Blocks for Concrete Solutions

Dow offers a range of chemistries for enhancing properties or production of concrete materials: silicone based water repellents and hydrophobers for integral and surface protection of various concrete materials, acrylic emusion polymers for concrete curing membranes, and precursor polyacids used in the production of PCE based superplasticizers.

Dow silicone and acrylic based additives also help to increase durabilty and aesthetics of concrete tiles. See ‘Roof Tiles and Siding / Facades’ for more information.

Made to last – concrete treated with DOWSIL™ silicones

As manufacturer of concrete materials (including reinforced concrete, decorative concrete, blocks, pavers, tiles, or brick) you are always looking for technologies that deliver longlasting concrete protection. Where these materials are exposed to moisture or water they are also at risk to deteriorate making time and cost intensive maintenance and/or repair a consequence.

Dow offers DOWSIL™ silicone based technology –formerly marketed as Dow Corning® silicones – that were designed for integral and/or surface protection reducing water penetration as well as penetration of salts and other corrosives into the concrete material. That is why using DOWSIL silicones as hydrophobizing technology in your formulations can increase the lifespan of building structures while driving down maintenance time and costs.

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Dow offers water-based concrete sealers and curing membranes. Sealers are typically applied to fully cured concrete. They can provide gloss, stain resistance, long-term UV and water durability, and hot tire pick up (HTPU) resistance.

Curing membranes are applied to fresh concrete (usually within two hours) – to retain water and hydrate Portland cement in certain situations. It is acceptable for cure membranes to wear off after 28 days of service. For cure and seal applications, the product initially acts as a cure membrane. It also must offer performance benefits such as long-term UV and water durability and HTPU resistance.

Next generation superplasticizer backbone – Fast reaction, high yield, no MPEG degradation

Nowadays, polycarboxylate ether (PCE) based superplasticizers are commonly used allowing for a reduction of water-to-cement ratio in concrete and enabling the production of self-consolidating and high-performance concrete with ultra-high strength. Their chemical structure can be readily adjusted to meet specific needs of varied concrete requirements such as high flowability, good slump retention, high early and final strength, low shrinkage and durability.

Dow offers precursor polyacids used in the production of PCE based superplasticizers. Dow’s PCE precursor technology is produced according to a patented process resulting in incorporated catalyst technology for the subsequent esterification of the polyacids with MPEG (Methoxy Polyethylene Glycols) side chains, accelerating the reaction yield and reducing the degradation of MPEG. Our portfolio includes aqueous solutions with polyacrylic acid, polymethacrylic acid or poly(meth)acrylic acid co-polymer backbone.

Our products can be esterified with different MPEGs at various grafting densities helping create a vast variety of PCE molecular designs.

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