Superior Adhesives Tailored for Your Application

If you need a tailored solution for your tile, flooring or industrial adhesive challenge, depend on our versatile array of materials and decades of formulating experience to help develop products that meet the industry’s ever-changing design trends and increasing performance demands.

We offer a diverse portfolio of cellulose ethers, redispersible latex powder, silicone-based hydrophobic powders and acrylic polymer emulsions for tile applications requiring anything from economical dispersion-based to high-end cementitious adhesives and grouts that deliver very good slip resistance, high water retention, improved wetting, long open time and other important properties.

Our line of acrylic polymer emulsions for flooring applications can help you formulate products that exhibit strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, good peel adhesion, shear stability and more. We also offer styrene acrylic polymers for formulating nail-free construction adhesives for interior and exterior applications.

For industrial applications requiring exceptional performance, we offer a wide range of polyurethane materials for adhesive solutions that allow fast cure, excellent flexibility, outstanding bond strength and more.