Building & Construction Markets

Through our innovation we're helping to create energy efficient, safe and long-lasting homes and commercial structures.

Building For The Future

Our extensive building science expertise and strong R&D capabilities deliver innovative solutions in the building and construction industry.

Glass house

Building Materials

Our chemistries and formulations help advance the performance, durability and aesthetics of buildings and infrastructure.

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Air conditioner units (HVAC) on a roof

Commerical Appliances

Our polyurethane systems enable lightweight, thermally efficient insulation in refrigerated trucks, walk-in coolers and commercial refrigerators, helping keep products fresh while meeting the most stringent industry regulations.

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A deserted road leading into the horizon through a barren landscape

Roads and Pavement

Our asphalt, marking, repair and waterproofing pavement solutions enable greater longevity, durability and resistance to UV radiation, temperature extremes and inclement weather.

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white gutter on the roof top of house


We have proven solutions for nearly any type of roofing system, helping you achieve a longer-lasting, energy-efficient and sustainable roof.

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Track and Field


Our broad portfolio of solutions spans applications across a range of surfaces, from carpet and interior flooring to landscaping and sporting turfs and tracks, delivering unparalleled performance, strength and sustainability.

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Build a Smarter Future

Dow enables smarter building materials. Our innovative and sustainable chemistries deliver energy efficiency, comfort and performance. We pursue game-changing collaboration opportunities to set a higher bar for social and environmental progress and aim to advance the well-being of humanity by leading the transition to a sustainable planet and society.

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