Materials for Adult Incontinence Products

Adult Incontinence

What we’ve learned for diapers, we can aptly apply to adult incontinence products. Current trends include water vapor permeable breathable backsheets to prevent irritation; and the use of elastic films, foams, or fibers to produce a more form-fitting product.

A polyethylene backing film, or backsheet, serves as a liquid barrier for absorbent products. Backsheets are typically about one-mil (25µm) cast or blown films composed of blends of LLDPE, DOWLEX™ Resins, or ELITE™ EPE, and LDPE, to which white pigment is added. They are usually embossed to provide a more pleasing visual and tactile aspect.

Plastics from The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) are used to make all components of diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products, such as backsheet and top sheet films, leg gathers, hook and loop systems which give diapers fasten and re-fasten capabilities, and more.

Collaborating to Create Innovations in Comfort

Adult absorbents application segments account for billions of dollars in revenue and continue to grow globally. In particular, developing geographies are emerging as key users of hygiene products.

Dow is a leading supplier of material solutions for health & hygiene film and nonwovens. From soft touch and soft stretch technology to breathable and non-breathable back sheet film, Dow is focused on making products that improve comfort and skin health. We understand the importance of enabling new application features and increased performance at lower total costs ‒ including the potential benefits of higher throughput, downgauging, and material substitution.

However, it’s our commitment to innovative collaboration with converters and brand owners that truly sets Dow apart. Combined with global reach and an advantaged product portfolio, our distinctive approach to innovation is helping produce differentiated absorbent solutions that raise the bar for both performance and value throughout the world.

Meeting Your Needs, Today and Tomorrow

Softness. Comfort. Functionality. Fit. Aesthetics. Feel. Innovation. Sustainability. These are the ongoing demands in the hygiene absorbent products industry. They’re also some of the key concerns addressed by Dow materials for absorbent applications.

Polymers from Dow are used to make virtually all of the critical components in diapers and feminine pads. Our current product offering includes:

  • ASPUN™ Fiber Grade Resins for nonwovens that combine exceptional softness, comfort, and durability
  • INFUSE™ Olefin Block Copolymers (OBCs) for increased levels of flexibility, elasticity, and fit
  • A diverse lineup of polyethylene products, including DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins and ELITE™ Enhance Polyethylene (EPE) Resins, that can excel in virtually any film application

Coupled with a strong, ongoing commitment to R&D, these materials allow you to count on Dow for solutions to not only current needs, but also those to come.