Flooring & Carpeting Materials

Flooring Solutions That Maximize Comfort and Performance Underfoot

Whether you’re looking for backings that enhance your carpet’s aesthetics, performance and durability or materials for formulating effective adhesives for a variety of flooring applications, we have solutions you can rely on.

Carpets backed with our innovative polyurethane technologies not only look and feel great, they offer long-lasting performance under even the toughest wear-and-tear environments. Choose from products specially designed to deliver ideal solutions for cushioned or non-cushioned backings.

Exceptional Adhesives Formulated for a Variety of Substrates and Applications

We offer a diverse array of acrylic polymer emulsions for your high-performance, general-purpose or solvent tackifier-free flooring adhesive needs. Use our solutions to formulate products that exhibit good early strength development and improved shear stability as well as robust adhesion to a variety of substrates, including linoleum, carpet flooring and concrete. For nail-free construction adhesives for interior and exterior applications, we also offer a versatile styrene acrylic polymer.

With decades of experience in the industry, our technical experts are available to work closely with you to develop the right flooring solution for your application.