Materials for Midsoles

Exceptional Rebound, Durability and Softness for High Performance Footwear

INFUSE™ Olefin Block Copolymers (OBCs) from Dow enables you step up your game in cushioning performance for athletic footwear, with midsoles that deliver lightweight footwear with exceptional resilience, durability and softness. The increased dimensional stability of INFUSE OBCs also offers OEMs the potential to reduce production costs while delivering a longer lasting performance midsoles. INFUSE can also be used in other footwear applications, including slippers, sandals, sock liners and more.

Midsole formulations based on INFUSE OBCs provide a variety of benefits and improvements over conventional materials such as EVA:

  • Enhanced Resiliency/Rebound
  • Better compression set resistance
  • Lower Shrinkage
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility

Excellent Rebound

INFUSE OBCs offer far greater energy return than typical EVA foams, giving your midsole, sandal, or unitsole a resiliency your customer can feel the moment the try it on.

100% EVA40% SEBS/ Oil40% H-EVA40% OBCE-TPU100% OBC4047546168SampleFalling Ball Rebound (in %)
SampleFalling Ball Rebound %
100% EVA43.2
40% SEBS/ Oil48
40% H-EVA45.2
40% OBC49.2
100% OBC66.6

Optimal Compression Set

Compression set testing over thousands of loads at elevated temperatures proves INFUSE OBCs recover far better than EVA and can even meet or exceed e-TPU foam beads performance. Download "Advances in Midsole Technology" presentation for more information and data on our solutions for midsoles.

CSET 25%, 23C/22h 30minCSET 25%, 50C/6h 30min100% EVA40%SEBS/ Oil40% H-EVA40% OBC100%OBC020406080SampleCSET (in %)
Sample CSET 25%, 23C/22h 30min CSET 25%, 50C/6h 30min
100% EVA 16.3 65.5
40% SEBS/ Oil 18.9 78.2
40% H-EVA 25 78.1
40% OBC 17.9 52.6
100% OBC 20.1 35.2

Reduced Shrinkage

INFUSE OBCs offer far lower shrinkage rates than traditional EVA foams, giving your customers comfort and fit that lasts and reducing your in-plant scrap rates. Download "Advances in Midsole Technology" presentation for more information and data on our solutions for midsoles.

Shrink (SA, %), 70C/24h cShrink (SA, %), 100C/24h c100% EVA40%SEBS/ Oil40% H-EVA40% OBC100%OBC020406080SampleShrinkage (in %)
SampleShrink (SA, %), 70C/24h cShrink (SA, %), 100C/24h c
100% EVA6.4361.76
40% SEBS/ Oil13.358
40% H-EVA5.1654.41
40% OBC7.843.3
100% OBC7.5918.41