Texture Enhancement

Whether you are looking for binding, foaming, heatsetting or stabilization solutions for your food and beverage products, Dow can address your challenge.

Every day, Dow is helping food manufacturers address their biggest challenge – how to make foods that will appeal to the discerning eyes of consumers. Using the versatility of our plant-based portfolio, Dow enables you to easily meet more of your consumers’ demands and enhance the texture of your food products.

Dow’s Texture Enhancement Solutions for Food Applications

Dow’s stabilizing solutions for texture enhancement


Maintain your product’s quality during shelf-life and provide protein protection in acidic food products and beverages.

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Dow’s binding solutions for texture enhancement


Our binding agents ensure your products maintain their shape and texture from production to consumption.

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Dow’s foaming solutions for texture enhancement


Our solutions for foaming applications add stability to the structure of applications like whipped toppings.

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Dow’s heat setting solutions for texture enhancement


Our solutions prevent the boil-out of your fillings, maintain the shape of restructured foods hot and cold, and enhance the texture in all kinds of sweet and savory filled products.

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