Dow’s solutions for preservation protect the quality, shelf-life and value of your food products.

Undesirable chemical reactions, changes in temperature, mold and shipping or storage conditions can degrade the quality, shelf-life and value of your food products and beverages. Flavor, color, clarity, stability and taste can all be affected. This not only makes the products unappealing to consumers but also leads to unnecessary food waste.

Our solutions protect the quality and shelf-life of your products by providing excellent stability and preventing undesirable reactions and mold growth.

Dow’s Preservation Solutions for Food Applications

Dow’s Preservation Solutions for color and taste stability

Color & Taste Stability

PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP is an excellent extraction aid and carrier for flavors, colors and enzymes, which helps food stay colorful and tasty. VERSENE™ CA chelating agent helps your foods maintain color and taste.

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Link to Dow’s Preservation Solutions for mold control

Mold Control

Food grade propionic acid is an effective preservative and flavoring agent used in baked goods and cheese. Propionic acid can be added directly or used as a base for calcium propionate.

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