Our solutions offer a combination of functional benefits to help meet growing consumer demands for healthier food alternatives.

The growing incidence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity are triggering a rise in consumer demand for healthier foods. Vegetarian and vegan products are growing trends due to concerns for human health, animal welfare, and sustainability. Furthermore, there are an increasing number of people worldwide being diagnosed with intolerance to gluten (Celiac disease).

To address these lifestyle diseases and changing consumer demands, Dow Food Solutions provides food manufacturers with easy-to-use, cost-effective, plant-based food ingredients that offer a combination of functional benefits for gluten-free foods, egg-free foods, fat replacement, oil uptake reduction and vegetarian or vegan products.

Dow’s Solutions for Food Applications

Dow’s solutions for Gluten replacement

Gluten Replacement

Dow’s gluten replacement solutions enable the creation of gluten-free foods with the right crumb structure, softness and volume.

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Dow’s solutions for Egg replacement

Egg Replacement

Dow’s egg replacement solutions mimic some of the structural qualities of eggs, allowing creation of reduced-egg or egg-free savoury products. For bakery products the effect is limited to foaming, volume enhancement and emulsification; the permanent gelled structure of egg white is not replaced.

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Dow’s solutions for Meat replacement

Meat Replacement

Dow offers cost-effective meat alternatives for reduced-meat or meat-free products which benefit both food manufacturers and consumers.

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Dow’s solutions for Fat replacement and Oil update reduction

Fat Replacement/Oil Uptake Reduction

Dow’s easy-to-use and cost-effective innovative solutions help food manufacturers to partially or fully replace fat and reduce oil uptake in fried food in comparison to standard products without compromising on quality and taste.

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