Food and Beverage Products

We have the right products that make many foods and beverages look, feel and taste great — providing consumers with additional delicious options for maintaining a healthier and more convenient lifestyle. We offer formulation flexibility and easy access to services that can help you innovate and grow your product offering.

METHOCEL™ food additive for food and beverages products

METHOCEL™ stabilizer

This stabilizer can be used for texture enhancement like binding, heatsetting, stabilizing and foaming as well as for healthier food options reducing fat, gluten, egg and meat.

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WELLENCE™ food additive for food and beverages products

WELLENCE™ stabilizer

Plant-based food ingredients for gluten replacement in baked goods and fat reduction in fried food products.

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CLEAR+STABLE™ food additive for food and beverages products

CLEAR+STABLE™ stabilizer

Exceptional clarity, stabilization and thickening in food applications with a low pH and improved protein protection in acidified products.

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WALOCEL™ food additive for food and beverages products

WALOCEL™ stabilizer

Versatile food gums that act as water-soluble thickeners and stabilizers to provide a range of textures in a number of food applications.

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VERSENE™ CA chelating agent for food and beverages products

VERSENE™ CA chelating agent

Protecting flavor and color in beverages, dressings and sauces, pickled products, canned seafood and canned vegetables.

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PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP for food and beverages products

PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP

Excellent stability and versatility in a wide variety of direct and indirect food-processing applications.

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