Dow Food Solutions provides a range of solutions for the common problems seen in baked goods, beverages, meat, meat analogues, dairy, vegan and vegetarian products.

Dow’s solutions for baked goods applications

Baked Goods

Our solutions help give baked goods a soft crumb structure, improved volume and enduring moistness. We can also help you create satisfying reduced-fat and baked goods such as gluten-free bread and cakes with up to 50% less fat.

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Dow’s solutions for Meat and Meat Analogues applications

Meat & Meat Analogues

Our solutions for texture enhancement, meat replacement, fat replacement and oil reduction help you create healthier meat products with the juicy taste and chewy texture consumers expect from these foods.

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Dow’s solutions for vegetarian and vegan applications

Vegetarian & Vegan

We offer easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions that add juiciness and texture to meat analogues and vegetable products including vegetarian sausages, patties and reformed products with or without an egg. Our 100% plant-based stabilizers are suitable for vegan products and can replace animal-sourced binders such as egg or gelatin.

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Dow’s solutions for diary applications


Consumers want creamy, low or non-fat dairy products. We can help address these demands with our solutions designed to improve the fat profile, texture and stability of dairy products.

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Dow’s solutions for beverages applications


Beverages need to taste and look good with no sedimentation, phase separation or cloudiness. Our solutions can help protect and stabilize your products.

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