Tiles Adhesives & Grouts

Cellulosics, acrylic emulsion polymers and redispersible latex powder for dispersion based or cementitious tile adhesive and grouts

Enhancing the Performance of Tile Adhesives & Grouts

Based on many years of experience in the application, Dow offers specifically modified additives which help to reliably control fresh mortar properties, rheology and application performance as well as the final strengths and durability of tile adhesives and grouts respectively.

Solutions are based on various technologies - cellulosics, redispersible latex powders, silicones and emulsion polymers.

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Effectively fixing – cementitious tile adhesives based on Dow cellulosic technology or redispersible powder

If you are looking for tailored products for formulating economic as well as high-end cementitious tile adhesives and grouts you’ve come to the right place. Our portfolio includes cellulose ether, redispersible latex powder, silicone based hydrophobic powders and acrylic emulsion polymers.

All our products have been modified to respond to the changing needs and increasing performance requirements within an industry which is strongly influenced by design trends (such as the increase in use of large tiles as an example) and resulting properties.

Norms set the standard for various levels of performance and the appropriate end-product quality which enables durable systems. Adhesion and bond strength must be ensured between a variety of materials and on a variety of substrates as well as under severe climatic exposure.

WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers are available in a range of viscosities to improve the performance of tile adhesives and grouts.

They are used as thickening and water retaining additives and impart a creamy and easy workability and consistency due to their rheological performance.

In addition, they help achieve very good slip resistance and other fundamentally important properties such as high water retention, improved wetting to the tile as well as a long open time with prolonged adjustability time.

DOW Latex Powders are used as rapidly dispersible polymer binder impacting properties such as adhesion after water immersion and flexibility.

Dow Chemistry for Long-lasting Tile Grouts

Tile grouts - applied as fillers to the joints between tiles or natural stones installed on either walls or floors - must protect materials and layers under the tiled surface against mechanical damage and water penetration.

To enable a durable, long lasting system, mortars for cementitious grouts must deliver good adhesion to the edges of the tiles, low shrinkage, sufficient deformability and flexibility, a high abrasion resistance, good cohesion, low water absorption, and finally an excellent workability.

Dow offers various technologies for the successful formulation of grout mortars:

  • WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ether for improving rheology and water retention as well as workability
  • DOW™ Redispersible Latex Powders allows for hydrophobically modifying the grout material which is essential for wet/humid areas and exterior application
  • DOWSIL™ Silicone, a hydrophobic powder, is a key additive for grouts where long lasting protection against water ingress is one of the essential requirements

Formulating dispersion based tile adhesives

Dispersion Based Adhesives for ceramic tile installation are offered as pre-mixed compounds and are used for interior application, for both walls as well as for floors. Dow Construction Chemicals provides various products for dispersion based tile adhesives – WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers and RHOPLEX™ and PRIMAL™ Acrylic Emulsion Polymers.

These highly effective additives were developed to improve the adhesion of ceramic tile adhesives, their water resistance and workability features.

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