Liquid Applied Barriers

Binders and additives for Liquid Applied Barriers

Optimized Chemistries for Liquid Applied Barriers

Acrylic emulsion polymers from Dow Construction Chemicals offer excellent water-resistive properties, adhesion to a variety of substrates and optimal vapor permeability. These polymers have been optimized for use in water-resistive and/or air-barrier coatings.

Dow Construction Chemicals offers all-acrylic solutions to liquid applied barriers in spray and trowel applications. Through a high-touch model, we offer high-performing polymers and innovative technologies allowing us to not only meet existing industry challenges but also adapt with this fluid and rapidly evolving market (building codes and building practices). Customers have access to starting formulation and formulation optimization services, technical support and a highly efficient supply network.

RHOPLEX™ LA-501 is a high-solids, 100% acrylic latex polymer developed to offer excellent bulk water resistance and optimal vapor permeability when formulated into a water-resistive and/or air barrier coating. Optimized RHOPLEX LA-501 formulations exhibit excellent weatherability and mechanical properties when applied on a wide variety of substrates.

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