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Cellulosics, acrylic dispersions and redispersible latex powder for self-leveling underlayment, adhesives & running tracks

Construction Chemicals for Flooring Materials

Whether you want to offer your customers perfectly smoothing self-leveling mortars, high-performance or general purpose flooring adhesives or environmentally advanced running track compound: with our tailored chemistries we can help you finding the right additive for effective formulation of these flooring materials.

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Self-leveling made easy with Dow chemistry inside

A smooth and even floor surface is a prerequisite for many subsequent/finishing floor layers, such as highly popular large tiles. Dow offers tailored additives designed to help enhance the performance of self-leveling underlayment – easing workability and impacting properties of the hardened screeds.

WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ether helps improve rheology and flow characteristics so that the fresh mortar can be easily leveled. They also help to control water retention and minimize segregation and air-voids.

Another flow-modifying additive for self-leveling underlayment is DOW™ Latex Powder (DLP). This polymer binder generates very low VOC emissions and is suitable for systems that must comply with EMICODE EC 1 Plus.

DOWSIL™ powdered silicone antifoams are available for reducing air incorporation during mortar mixing.

Effectively formulating flooring adhesives

Dow provides acrylic emulsion polymers impacting critical features of high-performance, general purpose or solvent tackifier free flooring materials. The range of products includes special grades for formulating adhesives complying to EMICODE EC1, Depending on customer needs they may impart strong adhesion to different substrates, such as linoleum, carpet flooring etc., early strength development, good peel adhesion, shear stability and more.

Dow also addresses requirements for the production of assembly adhesives with a versatile styrene acrylic polymer which is recommended for formulating nail free construction adhesives for interior and exterior application.

Next generation sports tracks solutions…Environmentally friendly – easy to apply – durable

Dow’s novel ECOGROUND™ Waterborne Acrylic Binder helps manufacturers of various flooring systems for sport facilities to offer building owners and installers an environmentally advanced and high-performing alternative to solvent-based systems for durable rubberized running surfaces.

Whether track and field, playgrounds or walkways for schools, public institutions or recreational facilities – athletes and other users will also benefit from features such as quick access of the grounds after installation and the ease of maintenance. Applicators appreciate the odor-less application and the ease of tools cleaning.

Its environmental performance along with its other performance attributes make Dow’s ECOGROUND™ technology a future oriented alternative to solvent-based systems for formulators of these flooring compounds.

The development of ECOGROUND innovative technology has received a Bronze R&D 100 Special Recognition Award of 2017, a signature program of R&D Magazine.

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