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Emulsion polymers for construction caulks and sealants

Enhanced Performances for Caulks and Sealants

Dow Construction Chemicals offers aqueous acrylic polymer emulsions and cellulose-based rheology modifiers.

Dow offers RHOPLEX™ and PRIMAL™ aqueous acrylic polymer emulsions with a wide formulation latitude for all purpose caulk and sealant applications. The products are designed for caulks and sealants that require excellent adhesion, flexibility, elastic recovery and low shrinkage – all of which are crucial criterias for durable performance. Dow’s cellulose ethers are designed to improve aesthetics, weatherability and compatibility of acrylic-based caulks and sealants.


RHOPLEX 4400 emulsion is a 100% acrylic latex binder designed to provide wide formulation latitude for pigmented caulks and sealants. This high solids, low Tg emulsion can be formulated without plasticizer to meet ASTM performance requirements. Sealants formulated with RHOPLEX 4400 provide reduced dirt pick-up, mildew growth and paint discoloration, as well as excellent weatherability.

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