What makes a paint or coating sustainable?

Is it the ingredients that go into it? Or the performance that comes out of it? At Dow Coating Materials, our vision of sustainability spans the full spectrum. From low-VOC inputs to high-performance outputs, we are leading the way with Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and customer collaboration on coatings that have a smaller impact on our environment and a greater impact on our daily lives.

Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability Breakthroughs

Dow Coating Materials innovations help make sustainable products. We’ve developed ultra-low-VOC-capable binders and solvent-free HASE and HEURs (manufactured without added solvent) with no added surfactant for architectural markets. For industrial applications, we are pushing waterborne technology to new levels and introducing entirely new high-performance chemistry families. We have developed low-VOC solutions for industrial wood coatings, including ROSHIELD™ 4000 which is a one component system with excellent durability, adhesion, clarity and gloss.

Helping Develop Low-VOC Traffic Paint

FASTRACK™ Quick-Dry Technology can help formulators, specifiers and applicators take big steps toward a smaller carbon footprint with high-performance waterborne traffic paint.
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Lowering the Carbon Footprint of House Paints

Reformulating with EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer can reduce the need for TiO2 by 10%–20%, which in turn, can lead to a smaller carbon footprint . This technology offers improved film formation, durability and performance life. In addition, ROPAQUE™ Technology offers additional reductions in TiO2 and environmental impact, as demonstrated by a Life Cycle Assessment.

FORMASHIELD™ 12 100% Acrylic Resin is a coatings breakthrough: a waterborne binder that functionally removes formaldehyde from indoor air.
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