Dow Coating Materials introduced the industry’s first all-acrylic binder for latex paint in 1953. We’ve been pushing the performance boundaries of waterborne paints and coatings ever since, with continuous advances in polymer morphology that help improve film formation, flow and leveling, adhesion, durability, gloss, color retention and more.

Dow Firsts

We have a long history of innovation that has produced many milestones in the paint and coatings industry, including:

Frequencies: The Intersection of Science and Art

Courageous collaborations can revitalize communities and inspire generations. Through a year-long partnership with The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, The Franklin Institute, The Lenfest Center and the Hunting Park community, we combined our 60 years of coatings expertise with the creative spirit of students to develop a mural called Frequencies. The painting process, led by artist Ben Volta, gave kids the opportunity to explore the intersection between art and science. Located on Nicholas Scrap Metal in Hunting Park, the mural is now a symbol of positive change for the neighborhood.

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Our Research Drives Innovation and Development

Dow Coating Materials research has been advancing the performance of paints and coatings for more than 60 years. We continue to accelerate the pace of innovation, thanks to industry-leading scientists and experts, real-world exposure testing across the globe, and high-throughput tools and methodology. Our commitment to R&D shows year after year in each new solution.

Exposure Testing Across Five Continents

Each year, we track exterior paint performance on more than 40,000 test panels and generate more than 3 million ratings. We register each paint’s performance in painstaking detail. That enables us to understand, from experience, what really makes high-quality paint.

Acrylic: Pictures Tell the Story

Not all acrylic latex paints are created equal. In recent years, some manufacturers of solventborne alkyds and waterborne binder chemistries such as PVA claim their products deliver the same level of exterior performance as waterborne acrylics. These pictures of paint panels on test fences at our Exposure Station in Spring House, PA, tell another story.

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Reducing TiO₂

EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer is a completely new class of material that helps improve film performance while lowering levels of titanium dioxide, an energy-intensive raw material with a notable impact on the cost and carbon footprint of paint.

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AVANSE™ 200 Acrylic Resin

AVANSE™ 200 Acrylic Resin is a next-generation waterborne technology that’s getting tougher on metal, with notable improvements in corrosion resistance, durability, hardness, adhesion and water resistance.

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