ROSHIELD™ Emulsions

Accelerate Performance with ROSHIELD™ Acrylic Emulsions

ROSHIELD™ Acrylic Emulsion Technology is a breakthrough in low-VOC coating technology for wood and wood composites. It offers accelerated property development, fast cure, and long-lasting performance. From factory-coated furniture to field-coated joinery, ROSHIELD™ Acrylic Emulsions help formulators, coaters and manufacturers meet increasingly stringent VOC targets. And they do it while maintaining aesthetics, process speed and productivity.

How ROSHIELD™ Acrylic Emulsions Work

ROSHIELD™ Acrylic Emulsions combine the durability of an acrylic backbone with rapid cross-linking after film formation. The novel combination facilitates:

  • Significantly lower VOC levels
  • Accelerated property development
  • Highly noticeable cure

Product grades are available for one- and two-component coating systems. They offer a range of performance properties, including:

  • Excellent hardness
  • Sandability
  • Block resistance
  • Mar and scratch resistance
  • Chemical and stain resistance
  • Water resistance

Formulator Benefits

Stacking the Deck Against VOC Levels

Low doesn’t have to mean slow when reducing VOC levels with clear and pigmented wood coatings based on ROSHIELD™ Acrylic Emulsions. Proprietary cross-linking meets the need for early property development and fast cure in high-productivity “pack and stack” applications.

ROSHIELD™ Technology is Clearly Exceptional

ROSHIELD™ Technology includes next-generation acrylic emulsions that cross-link without oxidative curing. Clear and pigmented coatings based on these novel emulsions do not yellow, even when applied over composite woods and other formaldehyde-emitting substrates.